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Third Person Command Order troops to build, work, and fight. Design castles, order the construction of fleets, conscript armies and sail them to hostile islands to expand your empire. Brimming Sea is a rich strategic experience.
First Person Control You can take first person control of any character at any time, and do anything at all. Work and fight alongside your troops. Experience the cities you create through their eyes. Turn the tide of a battle by jumping in and leading from the front. Brimming Sea does not turn you into a passive leader.
Conquer Traverse the game's infinite, procedurally generated world in search of resources. But before you can claim them, you must defeat the island's previous inhabitants.
Fortify Build defensive structures to hold your islands against monsters. Design structures and watch your troops build them.
Grow To fund and feed your growing empire, you will need to create settlements, defenses, and farms on the islands you conquer.